For most of the traveling public, air travel post-911 meant unpredictable security lines, disheartened airline employees and a packet of peanuts if you were fortunate. However, for business owners and executives who just happened to be certified pilots, the skies became much friendlier when we began Lenair Aviation LLC in 2004.

Technically advanced aircraft, called TAAs, became available at about this time. Lenair Aviation chose to offer only new Cirrus Design aircraft exclusively through West Valley Flying Club. Our aircraft fleet had an interior the size of a large sports car and comfortably seated four passengers in leather seats with plenty of legroom. Our planes were able to cruise at speeds between 156 and 185 knots and had a maximum range between 880 and 1,000 nautical miles. Instead of flying into major airports, our planes could touch down at tiny, underused airports often avoiding security and check-in hassles.

Lenair Aviation was one of the first organizations in California to offer FAA-certified pilots a new and innovative alternative to renting old, tired aircraft or flying commercial airlines. We provided access to luxury technically advanced aircraft (TAA) that cost little more than an economy ticket to rent and a fraction of what corporate executives and celebrities paid for luxury jets. Lenair's goal was to provide an alternative to the hassles and delays of commercial-airline travel.

During the last 10 years, Lenair Aviation met the goals we set for our organization – and we thoroughly enjoyed our family's contribution to the aviation industry. It is therefore with heavy heart that we announce the closure of our company. We have always been a family business and those years have been a special time for us. At the same time we have had a number of people who contributed to our success, and we wish to thank them for their help over the years. To our valued customers, we thank you for your patronage and wish you many years of flying enjoyment.

Lenair Aviation LLC
Spring 2014